Samveda Parayan Yagya

Samveda Parayan Yagya was organize by Amatir Parayan Yagya

08 Dec 2018
Amatir Kanya Gurukul

Amatir Kanya Gurukul, Bachgaon Gamri, Kurukshetra performed “Sam Veda Parayan Yagya” from 23rd to 25th November 2018 in the gurukul campus with Yagya Brahma as Acharya Shri Mohanlal ji and Vedic Mantra reciters as Brahamcharinis.

The sacred event began at 3 pm on 23rd November. The venue was aptly decorated with four hawan kunds wherein all the students and teachers of Amatir Kanya Gurukul and many dignitaries of Arya Samaj Kurukshetra gave aahutis.

Thousands of aahutis were offered with the holy chanting of shlokas from the Sam Veda in the morning and evening followed by bhajans sung by Gurukul students. Acharya Mohanlal ji gave an elaborate explanation of the shlokas and their significance in the students’ daily life. The Yagya was concluded on Sunday with Yajyopavit sanskar of 42 girl students of Amatir Kanya Gurukul followed by ‘Rishi-Langar’ for all guests and students.

The daughters of Amatir showed their devotion and dedication affirming the sanskars inculcated in the Gurukul with the stupendous involvement in the event.



125th Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Nirvan Utsav